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Valley is your Highest Performing SDR, for a fraction of the cost. For just $500/mo you can sit back, relax, and watch as Valley does your automated outreach to schedule sales calls.

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Sales Call w/ Nick
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Sales Call w/ Lukas H
9 - 9:30PM
Sales Call w/ Sade
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Sales Call w/ Hugo
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Sales Call w/ Alex W
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How-It-Works #1 • FOR ZAYD

How does it work?

We use AI to turn a cold stranger into a booked meeting. Zero human involvement necessary.

Set up

Create your account, take 3 minutes to learn Valley, and you're ready to get started.

Prospect List

Upload your prospect list on Valley, configure your settings, and watch your automated SDR work.

AI Books
Sales Calls

Valley sends hyper-personalized messages, answers questions, & books meetings on your behalf.

Benefits Section 1 • FOR ZAYD

We'll be your highest performing SDR

for only $500/mo

Automated Outreach
We use AI to have genuine conversations with your leads.
60% Acceptance Rate
Our secret sauce means acceptance rates of over 60%.
5.8x Response Rate
Far better than the response rate of other outbound sales tools.
Call w/ John Laker
10:30 - 11:00
Watch Meetings Appear
From stranger to booked sales call. It works like magic.
10x Cheaper
Agencies promising to do the same thing charge an avg. of $4k .
Self Learning
Valley self improves based on what leads prospects to respond.
Increase message acceptance rates by up to 3x

Our Team

Our Team

Zayd Ali
Chief Executive Officer
Deepanshu Setia
Founding Engineer - AI/ML
Samuel Olamide
Full Stack Engineer
Catherine McCollian
Head of Customer Success
Chris Frazier
Customer Success
Pamela Caperonce
Customer Support

Backed by the best.

We're proud to be supported by some of the most exciting venture capitalists in the world.

Our Team

CEO, Valley
Zayd Ali
CEO, Valley
Zayd Ali
CEO, Valley
Zayd Ali
CEO, Valley
Zayd Ali
CEO, Valley
Zayd Ali
CEO, Valley
Zayd Ali
CEO, Valley
Zayd Ali
CEO, Valley
Zayd Ali
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affordable solution
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Have an Artificial Intelligence powered, world-class sales force at your fingertips. Fully customizable at a price that’s hard to beat.
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